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Hey there, I’m Ruthie Gallardo Owens, also known as Ruthie, the Realtor. So if you’re watching, this is because you’re in the about Get to know Ruthie the Realtor – Top Oklahoma City Realtor section. So let’s talk a little bit about me. I lived in Oklahoma for over 20 years, so although I was not born here, I do consider myself an honorary Okie. I went to Oklahoma state back in 2006 when I graduated. If you had a OU fan, do not hold it against me. I finished my masters over at Oklahoma City University and I was in the field of education for a long time. I’ve been married for over 10 years now, and I’m raising three of the most beautiful, amazing kids that you’ll ever meet. If you can see them, they’re over here. These are my babies and they’re amazing.

I spent most of my post college career in both education and nonprofit here in Oklahoma.There I learned amazing things. Okay, it’s so wonderful to help people. I’ve learned that that’s one of my passions that if I could do it for free, I would . So, the past few years before I… the last few years actually, before I dedicated to real estate full time, I was a trainer of educators. So I would teach teachers how to introduce technology into their classroom with their students. There, I got to work with elementary children, which I had never done before. And I was able to basically learn everything that I needed to know about dealing with clients and customer service from working with those young students. Same small elementary age children. They may be innocent, but they are intuitive geniuses. You can’t lie to them. You can’t fool them. They are the smartest people that you’ll ever meet. Okay. They’re just innocent. They’re young. Okay?

But here’s the thing, you can’t lie to them. So in order for me to successfully teach these kiddos and successfully model lessons in their classrooms, I really had to get to know them, and I had to live by certain rules. So I had to be able to do the following. I had to be able to be straightforward. There’s no lying to children, and definitely no lying in real estate. I had to be clear with the expectations. Just like with the kid how I can’t lie to them, I can’t tell them, “Oh, you can do this,” and then say, “No, by the way, you can’t.” I can’t do that in real estate either. It’s all about expectations. You need to know what to expect from me, you need to know what to expect during the process.

I had to be able to anticipate what could go wrong. So with a child, “Hey, the iPad may break if you throw water on it or if you spill your juice on it.” Same thing with a real estate transaction. “Hey, if you go out shopping for furniture before we close and you put it on credit, you may not get the house.” So it is very important for me to be able to give you all of that information that there’re things that could go wrong up front. I have to be patient with children. They’re kiddos. They’re in the process of learning, and learning how to learn, so it’s a lot. And I have to be patient with real estate. Because it’s so important in that you learn things and that you know exactly what you’re doing as a huge financial decision.

And so, I also had to be very willing to repeat myself without losing my patience. And so that was one thing I learned from them for sure, and that’s another thing that I have to do a lot in real estate. Because we have to repeat ourselves to so many different parties, because there’s so many different parties involved in a real estate transaction, and if you’re one of those people that gets annoyed by repeating yourself, then it’s going to be terrible for you. But I don’t mind it. I’m used to it.

I also had to be willing to get sticky. I don’t see that a whole lot in real estate, unless we go somewhere and the counter tops are sticky, but with children it was sticky everywhere all the time. I had to be willing to apologize when I was wrong in order to move forward. Because see, children, if they know you’re wrong and you don’t admit to being wrong, they don’t trust you as much anymore. And that’s how all humans should be. So I always… I make mistakes and I apologize. So that’s another thing that definitely translates very well to real estate. And then giving it 110%. So children can always tell when you haven’t had your coffee, they know you’re not giving it 100%. So, in real estate, I always have to give it 100% because guess what? There are so many of us out there that if I come in and I halfway do it, it’s going to be obvious because there’s so much competition. So I pride myself in being the best at what I do.

Now the other thing was being available for them. So when you’re not the classroom teacher, when you float around the school, children seek you out. They want to ask you questions. So I had to be available. I had to be available for questions, high fives, hugs, band-aids, and even for them to just vent about their classroom teacher. That wasn’t my job, but you know what? It is now. So when my clients need to call me, I have to be available. When they need to ask questions, I have to be available and ready to answer them, as well as if they just want to vent if they’re frustrated. It’s okay. That’s what I’m here for.

So, and most importantly, with the children, I had to always keep their best interests at heart, and I had to be willing to go back for them even if it cost me my job or money. And that is the same thing that I do for my real estate clients. I’m always willing to bat for you, I am always putting your best interest at heart and in front of anything else. Often, we might rather walk away from a property than me put you in a property that is not going to be what makes you and your family happy in the future. So just know when you work with me, you are definitely going to be treated like one of those students. And I hope that you can appreciate that, otherwise, it’s okay. So please know that my mission is to educate you, my mission is to give you the time and the tools necessary to make good real estate decisions that are going to be long lasting.

So, if you don’t know what you’re doing, if you don’t understand or if you misunderstood anything, it can cause issues. So that’s why it’s so important to me that I am upfront and that I teach you everything about the transaction before we go into it. Now, if you have any more questions about me, please feel free to email me. If you want to learn more about our team and our core values, please feel free to look down below!


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