Ruthie the Realtor Interviews: The Choctaw Study Hub

The Choctaw Study Hub

Ruthie the Realtor Interviews: The Choctaw Study Hub

Ruthie:                             Hi, everybody. This is Ruthie the realtor

Today, I wanted to bring you an awesome business that is near and dear to my heart. As you guys know, I am a former educator so I am all about education, and I’m a mom so you know how that goes. I have kiddos that sometimes struggle in school. On top of it, I have clients that have a lot of kiddos and then, when they move to the area, often they struggle because moves are hard, especially on our military kiddos, so often they need help.

I went out to find a solution for this and what I found was the Study Hub in Choctaw. This is a small local business. It’s owned by a former educator so I’ve brought her here today to talk to us about what they do and how they can help us and our kiddos. I’m going to introduce you to Miss Carrie Smith. Give me just a second, I’ll bring her on. Let me see. Hey, Carrie. Do you see me?

Carrie Smith:                   Hi, Ruthie.

Ruthie:                             Hey.

Ruthie:                             Tell us a little bit about the Study Hub.

Carrie Smith:                   Okay. At the Study Hub, we do private tutoring and ACT prep, and we serve students of all ages, Pre-K all the way through adults, college students. That’s mainly what we do.

Ruthie:                             Okay, awesome. Tell me a little bit. What are some of the things that you do with Pre-K, Pre-K, elementary kiddos? I have an eight-year-old so that’s a big deal for me. What are some of the struggles that you help them with?

Carrie Smith:                   Right. Most of our sessions are reading or math. It can be all kinds of different areas of reading, but decoding to students with dyslexia to reading comprehension. We have a multi-sensory phonetic-based program that works wonders. It’s called the Wilson with kids with dyslexia. Also math, we work on math skills for elementary students. Those are the main two.

Ruthie:                             Okay. Yeah, and that’s … I know that that’s a big deal because of that third grade test that they’re all stressing over. That’s always a hard one. What about middle school kiddos? What are you doing with them?

Carrie Smith:                   Kind of the same two subjects, reading and math, but also executive functioning. Middle school students, a lot of times that’s where they need to all of a sudden get organized and they’re trying to shuffle more classes than they’ve ever had in the past. We work on organization and executive functioning skills and math and reading.

Ruthie:                             Okay. Well, some of us realtors may need tutoring for that. We do juggle a lot of transactions and need those organizational skills. What about high school? What are your main, I guess, issues with high school? What do they need help with?

Carrie Smith:                   High school students, many times … It’s mostly math. We also do ACT prep and we help students, whether they’re trying to get into a college or they’re trying to increase their score so they can get some scholarship dollars, we’ve helped lots of students increase their ACT scores. Reading, science, all those different math classes. A lot of students in high school are taking concurrent classes so we can help them with their college classes, which kind of goes into college.

Ruthie:                             Oh, okay.

Carrie Smith:                   The most frequently failed class for college freshmen is college algebra. We can help college students get through that class.

Ruthie:                             Oh. Yeah, I remember dropping that a couple of times in college until I finally made it through. I totally get it.

You also work with adults, right? You were telling me.

Carrie Smith:                   Yes. We have some adult reading students. Then, also sometimes for the GRE, to pass the GRE test, or different nursing subjects, things like that.

Ruthie:                             Okay. Awesome. Yeah, the GRE being the graduate school entry exam, right? Is that what that one is, the GRE?

Carrie Smith:                   Yeah, we can help with the GRE or their … Any kind of test like that. ASVAB, we’ve helped students with the ASVAB test.

Ruthie:                             Oh, awesome.

Carrie Smith:                   [crosstalk] entrance. Accuplacer is another adult entrance to college test, so we help with that.

Ruthie:                             Oh, okay, so you really cover everybody, the whole spectrum of students.

Carrie Smith:                  20 different instructors.

Ruthie:                             Right. Yeah, tell me about your staff, your instructors.

Carrie Smith:                   Okay. We have all certified staff and they’re specialized in anything from … We have reading specialists, we have special education specialists, we have math certified teachers. All of our staff are certified instructors in some teaching field.

Ruthie:                             Oh. Awesome. Okay, well, that’s definitely a good feeling, to know that it’s not just another student or a college student or whatever working with my kiddo.

What … Do you guys do it individually or is it groups? How is it set up?

Carrie Smith:                   Yeah. That is something that sets us apart from a lot of tutoring places. We do everything one-on-one so we’re able to meet individual learning styles and individual needs and give each student exactly what they need. It’s all one-on-one.

Ruthie:                             Oh, okay. Awesome. Well, a while ago I remember going to one of the big national tutoring centers to kind of get a quote and I remember they were telling me that they work with three or four kiddos and I think it was $90 or $75 an hour. What do you guys charge?

Carrie Smith:                   For elementary subjects, it’s $40 a session. Those are one hour sessions and they’re one-on-one. Then, for upper level subjects, and we start that at algebra one, those subjects are $50 a session.

Ruthie:                             Oh, wow. That’s definitely more affordable than what they were offering for groups. Well, I mean … Again, it’s super affordable. I know that I have a kiddo in sports and I know I pay $50 for a 30 minute hitting lesson so that … Your rates are really, really good, at least in line with everything else that we do to make our kiddos the best at what they do. That is awesome.

What is your favorite part about teaching kiddos at the Study Hub versus when you were an educator at a regular school setting?

Carrie Smith:                   Right. I think probably my favorite part would be getting to meet the individual needs of each child and having that one-on-one. You can just see their confidence soar through the roof really quickly and it’s just very rewarding, giving each student exactly what they need.

Ruthie:                             Oh, okay. That’s awesome. With the little ones, I know that … Again, I keep talking about the little ones. I have a little one and then I have one in high school. When they’re little, right before that third grade test, when they’re struggling to read, when … In Oklahoma, there’s a lot of learning disabilities that aren’t recognized or event tested for. What do you advise a parent to do whenever they can tell that their kiddos are struggling and starting to stress them out and hurt their confidence? What should be the first thing that they do?

Carrie Smith:                   I would definitely say early intervention, the second you see them struggling, to get help because it may be just something very minor and they can fix it. A lot of times what parents will do, they’ll think that will fix itself and they’ll wait two or three years and it’s just compounding. The sooner you can get in to get individualized help with those areas, the better off they’ll be.

Ruthie:                             Okay. Do you ever see students that get intervention maybe in middle school or high school that somehow got through all of elementary without really being able to read?

Carrie Smith:                   Yes.

Ruthie:                             Oh.

Carrie Smith:                   Actually, one of the frustrations as a teacher … I taught at … The last 12 years of my teaching, I was in the high school level and [inaudible] several students that couldn’t read. Then, I found a reading program that works. It wasn’t good for a group setting and it was very frustrating, knowing what students needed to have but couldn’t give that to them. Don’t wait.

Ruthie:                             That makes sense. Okay, well, thank you so much, Carrie. We really appreciate it. I’m going to … Where are you located? I forgot to tell everybody where you guys are. I know that you guys are in Choctaw, not very far from us.

Carrie Smith:                   We’re at 2402 Main Street, which is right between Boomerang and Little Caesar’s, in Choctaw.

Ruthie:                             They can find you guys online, too, right? You have a website?

Carrie Smith:                   Yes, it’s

Ruthie:                             There is the address right there, their actual physical address. Then, we said … [inaudible] so we said. What is your phone number? I’m sorry. I had it as 405-850 …

Carrie Smith:                   2582.

Ruthie:                             2582. Okay. Well, thank you so much. If you guys have any questions for Carrie or myself, please leave a comment. We’ll be sharing this around all of the groups, the parents groups in Choctaw and Midwest City. Again, thank you so much for being with me. I’m Ruthie the realtor. Have a great day.

Carrie Smith:                   Bye.

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